July 16, 2015

Dedicated to the love of my life

Sometimes we fight, sometimes we are moody
But we still laugh and reconcile in the end
As we know we're meant to be together forever
Sometimes we don't like the same things, and we disagree
But we'll always like each other, 
And our principles will never differ

Sometimes we act possessive and feel jealous
But we always set things right, 
Because our trust is hard to break
Sometimes we are cranky and may say hurtful things
But we always know that it is not intended, 
And feel terrible about it later

Sometimes we're busy with other work, 
And we don't get to talk for days
But we always make time,
When the other one is in dire need
Sometimes we go through bad times, 
And things around us fall apart
We'll always find reassurance in each other

Sometimes we change to become different from what we are
But that doesn't bother us, 
Because we understand it is for the better
Sometimes I wish I had a cocoon wrapping us
So that I can bury myself in the warmth of your affection

We'll always keep ourselves happy by keeping each other happy
Because we cannot bear it when the other one is sad
We let each other free because
We know that we'll always come back
And can never belong to anyone else
We're free thus and belong to self
And yet we own each other

We'll always love each other because
It's the real love - the kind of love we know
It's not the incomprehensible fairy-tale love
We see, we understand, we know
And we still love each other...
The kind of love which is not blind
It is the whole and lasting kind
Which is not in parts or distorted in lies

Together we've embarked on this journey
Not in assurance of living happily ever after
Because we know we'll face hurdles in life
But we also know that we'll have each other
And we'll walk through the spines and bristles together

I love you because...
You love me so much!!
You make me feel beautiful
You make me strong
You let me think, you help me judge
You make me do the right thing
You own me by letting me free
And letting me realize than I can belong to no one else

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