February 15, 2015

These are the fairy tales which we should tell our children!!

I came across this link at Hairpin by sheer luck when one day, I randomly typed 'fairy tales for modern women' into Google. What prompted the search was my exasperation with complete lack of popular children's literature which actually gives the image of an independent woman who doesn't keep waiting for Prince Charming to rescue her. I really think it is important for young women and girls to have this image. They need some idol other than Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty whose sole purpose in life lies with finding a Prince Charming. On an aside, I never really understood why such drab love stories are popular as children's literature, because the subject itself doesn't have anything to do with children's age. This article (link) gives a brilliant alternative for our kids, which have to be told to our children and youngsters, to give them sense of what actually is ideal. Please go through (it's a three minute read): If you are a woman, you would be glad that you read these Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Womenlink:

// I

Once upon a time a woman never got married, but had many fulfilling relationships, a job that kept her comfortable, an apartment that she got to decorate just for her, and hobbies that stimulated her mind.
The End. // 
Read more at this link

The following one is my favorite, and has to be told to young men and women alike:

// Once upon a time a woman was approached by a drunk guy in a dark alley, but he was very polite, and explained that he had driven to the bar, but because he was responsible, he didn't want to drive home, but his cell phone was dead, so he asked the lady to call him a cab. She did, and he was grateful, and they said pleasant goodbyes before going their separate ways. // 

Read more at this link

Happy reading!!

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