January 23, 2015

Poem: That sinking feeling!!

Do you know - that sinking feeling

When you and your mom are talking

Your mom says with a disheartened tone

"My dear one, so you are not coming home..

For this vacation, or for the next one"

On the other line of the phone

I wonder why moms love us so much

And feel guilty in my stomach

As I reply: "Mamma, life has become so busy"

"Finding time is not that easy"

When she pretends to not have a tearful eye

While seeing me off and saying good-bye

I am affected to comprehend, 

If in this perpetually busy world,

Are our priorities rightly sorted

Lost in pretending to achieve things we go after

Do we take too much for granted to regret later?

-        Dedicated to my dear mamma

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