February 19, 2014

Why are the people of Andhra Pradesh shocked?

As I blog, some section of AP population are staring in disbelief at the passage of Telangana bill in Lok Sabha yesterday (link) while some are celebrating and holding their breath to await for its passage in Rajya Sabha. I have no hesitation regarding the necessity for Telangana, but I too abhor the manner in which this was bifurcation is being brought upon (link). But it didn't come as a surprise to me, as it has shocked so many other people of AP who are 'disappointed'.

Given the record of Congress party in the last sixty years where they have clearly displayed zero accountability towards their electorate taking victory for granted, what is surprising about UPA government's behavior on this issue (link)? It is also not surprising that BJP decided to vote in favor of Telangana despite the alleged presence of 'unconstitutional clauses' for electoral gains. And I don't expect a party which supports section 377 (link) to care about the constitutionality of the bills it is voting in favor of in any case. It is not surprising that someone like Lagadapati Rajagopal would defy the very idea of a civilized democracy through his uncivilized act (link) to protect his political and business interests. It is not surprising that a hooligan like YS Jagan has used muscle power to polarize the sentiments of the people, even after it was clear that formation of Telangana was inevitable (link). It is also not surprising that Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu has steadfastly refused to take a clear stance on this issue (link), divided as he is between his political and business interests. And the less I speak about the actions and affiliations of TRS (link), the better it is.

What actually surprised me was that the people of Andhra Pradesh were surprised with this outcome, when they elect people like KCR & YS Jagan to power again & again despite all this. As the wise and pragmatic Jayaprakash Narayan has warned us (link), this is to be expected when we elect such people as our rulers. So please don't be disappointed now, given that you will elect the same parties to power again.

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  1. Pragmatic Jayaprakash Narayan -_- Please. He is just an another two tongued politician.

  2. It is a judgement call. To each one's own. I stand by what I think and I don't think he is two tongued.