February 19, 2014

Taslima Nasreen in Ideas 2014: Every minute worth watching!!

// If free speech means anything at all, it means to tell people what they don't like to hear. //

In a world where so many things seem to be falling apart, some things give me fresh hope. This interview came as a huge relief where sense prevailed and those words of Taslima Nasreen were music my ears. Each line from the interview was precious. I found it to be very bold, honest and simple. Please do watch this interview where she talks about her thoughts on free speech: link

Here are some excerpts: 

// The worst enemy of censorship is always curiosity. //

// Free speech is universal. There is no such thing called national free speech or international free speech. Like there are no such things called Islamic human rights or Eastern human rights or Western human rights. //

// I don't think there is a conflict between Hindus and Muslims. Of course, there is a conflict. The conflict is between two ideas: secularism & fundamentalism. The conflict is between irrational blind faith & rational logical mind; between innovation & tradition; between modernism & anti-modernism; between future & past; between people who believe in freedom of expression & those who don't believe in freedom of expression. //

// Books do not cause riots. People who riot do not read books. If they read books, they would not join any riots. Rioters riot for political purposes. //

She talks about many more great ideas. Please do watch the whole interview and post your thoughts:

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