February 11, 2014

Dear Andhra Pradesh, you can't stoop any lower or can you?

This post is with reference to the attack on Jayaprakash Narayan (link): 

// The attack on Lok Satta Party national president Jayaprakash Narayan by Telangana lawyers and members of the student JAC at AP Bhavan in New Delhi on Tuesday evoked angry protests from party leaders and workers here. //

This is how low we've stooped (link). How can a mob of people simply physically attack someone in full public view in the national capital, when that person hasn't made any derogatory/abusive statements? (Even if this was the case, I would've condemned any such physical assault). Do we understand 'dignity'? Looks like we've not moved on from a barbaric civilization - except that we wear modern clothes and use technology today - mindsets have not changed. Given that the person who was attacked is JP from Lok Satta, I think our state deserves to continue to rot like it did in the last ten years. Don't these fools realize that JP is the only politician who is speaking the language of sense to actually communicate to the people of Seema-Andhra that formation of Telangana is necessary?

Also, this was not the first time when hooligans with no respect for dignity attacked Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan  physically (link). These attacks were not made by honest citizens of the state, do you say? But you permitted people who let this happen to come to power, didn't you? And what are you going to do now? Vote again for the same hooligans? Are the people of Andhra Pradesh going to be silent spectators, like they've been throughout when every other political party destroyed the progress in the state (link) ? Do we even have any rights to ask for security when we permit lynch-mobbing anyone to be the privilege of a chosen few hooligans? Or when we vote to power politicians who preach that "India got freedom at midnight doesn't mean that women can travel at midnight" after Nirbhaya (link) ?

Here is the video which shows what JP was saying when he was attacked by those hooligans: link

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  1. And the chief minister is a lady, irony! For her all rapes are either the rapist's fault or just there is no rape but it is the communist propaganda!

    1. Yeah. All women are not feminists and all men are not misogynists. We know which category Mamata falls under.