January 15, 2014

Why not Jaya Lalitha for PM?!!

I'm voicing out a very radical opinion about our PM candidate: Why Modi Vs. Rahul Vs. Kejriwal and why not Amma? :D She has the administrative experience and skills, there is no doubting her capability/intelligence/political acumen (link), then why not her? I know corruption and populist measures are two things we might have to cautious about. However, firstly, I think she's less corrupt than DMK & Congress (going by the lesser of the evil principle) plus she doesn't come with a 2002 baggage; secondly, I think her administrative abilities and political knowledge will tell her when exactly one must not go by populism in national politics. In case AAP fails to deliver on good governance and in declaring a good PM candidate before 2014 LS elections (AAP being my first choice), I would rather have her as PM than anyone else: especially going by the independent-woman, made-it-on-her-own-from-grass-roots, intelligent-able-experienced factors. What do you all think?

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