January 29, 2014

Reflections from a Modern Indian Kitchen II: When we treat ourselves to delicacies over the weekend

Me and my husband had an awesome time cooking, eating and watching LOTR trilogy back to back over this weekend. Let's see what we cooked.

Day I: Gajar halwa, egg fried rice and egg bhurji:

Gajar Halwa: I wanted to cook this since long
Egg fried rice with brown rice: Simple to make & healthy to eat
Egg bhurji: This is husband's courtesy :)
Day II Lunch: Veg-egg biryani, mirchi ka salan & raita:
My special fav. The taste was as authentic as I could do :)
Day II Dinner: Sandwiches (Honey-Nuts, Mustard-Veggie)
Sandwich time and @home romantic dinner
Happy cooking folks!!

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