August 14, 2013

Something naïve

Try this - watch an old Amitabh movie from the bell-bottom era and see how it feels like. I was discussing movies with my fiancée and I remembered how I felt like when I watched Andaaz Apna Apna and Amar, Akbar and Anthony last year. There's something charmingly amusing about the simplicity and innocence of the life in that era. It's the same naiveté which I adored about the first part of Om Shanti Om. It's touching and somehow makes me smile for Ohmy even when he considers changing his surname to become successful in bollywood, even when he talks to Shanti's poster coyly declaring his love and when he does so many other things which we obviously find stupid today. Life back then was different and when we see it from present day, you can't help but wonder - how naïve could those people be! And it also makes us realize how we might be perceived by our future generations... But given that, do I say that old is always gold? Not necessarily. We are evolving constantly and in the process, we're bound to become less ignorant as we gather more knowledge with each generation. That's how we progress. But somehow in our hearts we can always relate to innocence, just as we love childhood even as we grow old.

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